About Us

The Town of Babylon Democratic Committee stands for traditional democratic values, including fighting for fair wages, equal rights for all, protecting our quality of life and lowering the cost of living. It continues to be our number one priority to serve the best interests of our residents by supporting worthy candidates.

Our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to help elect and support Democrats, whether they be town, county, state or federal. We are proud to have tremendous elected officials representing our area, including:

  • Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer
  • Town Councilmembers Tony Martinez, Terence McSweeney, DuWayne Gregory, Anthony Manetta
  • Town Clerk Geraldine Compitello
  • Governor Kathy Hochul
  • New York State Attorney General Letitia James
  • Senator John Brooks
  • Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre
  • Sheriff Errol Toulon
  • County Legislators Jason Richberg and Tom Donnelly
  • Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone
Babylon Dems Team Photo

From left to right: Madeline Quintyne-McConney (Chairwoman), Rich Schaffer (Supervisor), Tony Martinez (Deputy Supervisor/Councilman), Jennifer Montiglio (Tax Receiver), Mary Porter (Family Court Judge), DuWayne Gregory (Councilman), Gerry Compitello (Town Clerk), Terry McSweeney (Councilman), Jason Richberg (County Legislator), F. Scott Carrigan (District Court Judge), Tom Donnelly (County Legislator)