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Kathy Hochul

Lieutenant Governor of NY

Former Congresswoman Kathy Hochul enthusiastically accepted Governor Cuomo’s call to return to public service by running as his choice for Lt. Governor. She is currently traveling across New York, listening to the concerns of citizens, elected officials, small business owners and farmers. Once elected, Kathy plans to focus her attention on continuing the success of the Governor and work with the Regional Economic Development Councils to attract and retain business to create much-needed jobs, and address the skills gap to ensure our citizens, particularly in pockets of poverty, have access to the higher-paying jobs. She will partner with the Governor to promote his agenda to make New York the most progressive and fiscally sound State in the Nation. She will also continue the work she began as a Member of the House Armed Services Committee to help our returning veterans adapt to civilian life.

Kathy will also champion the Women’s Equality Agenda to ensure the daughters of this State have the same rights as men, and that their unique challenges are addressed. If elected, Kathy will be the first female Democratic Lt. Governor since 1978.