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Suffolk Sheriff Toulon Holds Conference Focusing on Gangs, Auto Thefts, Ghost Guns, Human Trafficking


On Wednesday, October 26 and Thursday October 27 Suffolk County Sheriff Errol D. Toulon, Jr. held the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office 14th Gang Conference, bringing together nearly 500 law enforcement professionals from around the Country to hear from esteemed speakers on the state of gangs and current crime topics including unserialized firearms also known as ‘ghost guns’, human trafficking and auto thefts.

Featured speakers included El Salvador Minister of Justice Hector Gustavo Villatoro Funes, human trafficking survivor Rebekah Charleston, City of Baltimore Human Trafficking Coordinator Tom Stack, Suffolk District Attorney Ray Tierney and Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison.| read more ››

Monica R. Martinez for New York's 4th Senate District


When Monica R. Martinez served previously in the State Senate, she developed a reputation for being an independent voice who could detour from her own party's path and who, on a very granular level, understood the needs of her constituents.

This year's redistricting has reshaped the area the Brentwood Democrat would represent. But after a hard-fought primary, Martinez, 45, is making the case that she can be the same independent representative for a new set of communities, saying she still has "work to do."| read more ››

Suffolk Sheriff Errol Toulon Jr. Joins Fighting Chance Board


Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon Jr. was appointed to the board of directors of Fighting Chance, a Sag Harbor-based nonprofit that provides free professional counseling services to cancer patients and caregivers on the East End.

He will be able to share unique insights as a two-time cancer survivor, having successfully battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma and pancreatic cancer.

“This is known as peer-to-peer counseling, and we see this as an area where Sheriff Toulon can make an exceptionally valuable contribution,” said Duncan Darrow, who founded Fighting Chance in 2002 and serves as its chairman.| read more ››

Letitia A. James for New York's attorney general


Letitia A. James is a talented politician. Her terrific interpersonal skills, keen eye for the camera and ear for messaging, and a preternatural instinct for navigating the state’s cutthroat politics have served her well. Leveraging her base in Brooklyn and her background as a public defender, she won a seat on the New York City Council, and then, as the city’s public advocate, springboarded herself to statewide office. In 2018, she became the first woman and Black attorney general.

Unfortunately, these instincts generally have not served her well in her first term. But overall, she has been capable and effective.

Only the naive would believe that politics can be scrubbed from one of the most powerful offices in the state....| read more ››

Kathy C. Hochul for New York governor


Shortly after Kathy C. Hochul took office 14 months ago, it became clear that New York's first woman governor would have to face multiple state crises in short order. Continuing fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, declining revenue from a sprawling transit system, housing shortages, sharing the burden of migrants crossing faraway borders, and a disturbing uptick in violence of different kinds all greeted her.

Hochul rose to the office by succession after Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, elected three times, resigned last year facing impeachment. She quickly moved to meet several political and governmental challenges in a credible way.

Now Hochul seeks a first elected term, and has moderate and pragmatic plans at the ready that encourage us to support her bid.| read more ››

Kimberly Jean-Pierre for New York's 11th Assembly District


Includes parts north west down through the south west section of Town of Babylon and small section of south east section of Town of Oyster Bay

Running for a fourth term, Kimberly Jean-Pierre, 36, a Democrat from Wheatley Heights, knows the specific needs of her constituents.

Jean-Pierre is helping to make communities accessible with legislation to combat housing inequality. Her housing discrimination law increases penalties against real estate brokers and creates statewide standards on the prerequisites prospective homebuyers must meet to receive services. She has also secured $20 million in capital funding for public library construction and expansion statewide, focusing on digital equity needs for various communities.

Christopher Sperber, 37, a Republican from West Babylon, a former court officer working...| read more ››

Chuck Schumer for U.S. Senate


Sen. Chuck Schumer's stature and power has grown with the majority leader title that now precedes his name.

But he hasn't forgotten the communities that brought him to that place, including those on Long Island, and the ones that depend upon him for resources. The state and the region are better off with him in the U.S. Senate's leadership, currently as majority leader and before that minority leader.

It's that mix, combined with a dynamic and engaged presence even after more than four decades in Washington, that has helped Schumer, 71, mostly successfully navigate the choppy waters of a divided U.S. Senate, while always looking for ways to get more for his home state.| read more ››

Law Enforcement Leaders Hear Stories, Share Experiences at Hempstead Conference


The heartbreaking memories all came flooding back last week for Lisa Tuozzolo of Huntington, the widow of former NYPD Paul Tuozzolo, who was shot and killed in the line of duty in the Bronx in 2016.

When Tuozzolo learned that FDNY paramedic Alison Russo had been stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack in Astoria, Queens, she thought of the first responder's family and how the pain they must be experiencing was all too familiar.| read more ››

Suffolk, Paws of War kick off Pet Safety Initiative


Suffolk County Sheriff Errol D. Toulon Jr. says he aims to protect all the county’s residents — including four-legged ones.

So on Friday, he launched a free microchip program that can help reunite owners with lost pets.

The program is being undertaken in conjunction with Paws of War, a Nesconset-based nonprofit that provides dogs and veterinarian services to veterans and first responders. They held the first of three free clinics as part of a “Dog Days of Summer” initiative.

Veterans and first responders get priority, but anyone can sign up.

“We see way too many heartbreak stories about animals that are not chipped and wind up being euthanized” at shelters after they get lost and are turned in, said Robert...| read more ››